Site Management

How To Sign In:

1: Sign in at –

2: Check the Renew date

3: Under actions – click login


How To Add a New Post:

1: Sign In

2: Click Add New

3: Set the title

4: Write Post

5: Don’t forget: On the right side, click add featured image and add an image.

6: Don’t forget: On the right side, Check the relevant Categories. The front page loads the posts from these categories: Shopping, Pawning, Selling, More.


Some notes on how this site works:

There is really only one page, the front page. Anything else should be posts. This gives the impression to the users, and to Google that there is more content then there actually is. I hid date and time references, since who knows how often anything will be updated.

(This post, and any other not meant for public consumption, should be categorized “management”, or not at all)

Always needs more posts, Always needs more content.

A bit about the host:

Currently we are on the free plan, which needs to be renewed regulary (see sign in above) and has limited space, especially for media. They also have paid plans starting from $5 a month (that should be plenty for this site). We can also move this site to a different host. (I only started it here, because it would be easier to share, rather than trying to host it from my computer at home.)


Please contact me with any questions.



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